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Meet our Alumni-Erica Salonius
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Erica Salonius, self-employed and new mission as Head of Sales at one of the worlds most noticed HR-tech companies, Remente

Which programme/s did you attend at JIBS?
International Management

Which years did you study at JIBS?

Who is your current employer?
I am self-employed and new mission as Head of Sales at one of the worlds most noticed HR-tech companies, Remente.

What is your current position and which tasks do the position involve?
I am an entrepreneur working as an external marketing department mostly focused on digital channels. I do many things but the majority of my assignments with customers include marketing strategy or (warning for buzzword) Smarketing strategy, mostly focused on digital channels. As of January this year, I am also Head of Sales at Remente. Where I am responsible of building the B2B sales process.

How did you get the job you have today?
I tried different positions within accounting and controlling but found my hearts beating for sales and marketing. I thought about starting my own business for a while but did not find the courage until 2016. For me it took two years to figure out what I like and what motivates me. How I ended up starting Esius Media is partly due to trial and error but also a big portion of self-awareness.

What motivates you to perform at work?
The clients! When I see their reaction to Esius Media and Rementes services and the result we together achieve, I am truly happy. I love meeting new people and learn new things.

What is your next career goal?
After joining the Remente-team this spring my goal is simple; democratizing mental well-being. Through our app/software, employees and employers can create a work environment where people are productive, engaged and motivated.

Which career advice would you like to share with JIBS alumni members?
Something I wish someone told me earlier: listen to your heart! To achieve your goals and be happy in life you need to find your thing, something you really love to do. That is worth all the fortunes in the world.

Can you name on great thing you remember from your studies at JIBS?
I just have good memories from JIBS! What makes me smile the most at this moment is when I think about the exam-period (unexpected…) and everyone sitting in school “frustrated” but supporting each other until late night. It is weird but we really did have a lot of fun in our small group rooms; buying coffee, rehearsed old exams and "late night"-laughing because we were sooooo tired but too determined to go home 😝

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