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Meet our Alumni-Sara Ekberg
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Sara Ekberg, working for the Australian Institute for Business and Economics and Business School at UQ, graduated with a doctoral degree at JIBS 2017.


Which programme/s did you attend at JIBS? 

International Management (BSc) and Innovation and Business Creation (MSc) 


Which years did you study at JIBS? 

The Bachelor’s and Master’s educations were between 2007 and 2011, but after that I also did a doctoral degree at JIBS (Between 2012 and 2017, part of the time spent at JIBS).


Do you have any additional higher education? If yes, please specify 

Yes, I have a double doctoral degree from JIBS and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. The double degree was in business administration (JIBS) and journalism, media and communication (QUT).


Who is your current employer? 

The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia. I am employed by the Australian Institute for Business and Economics and the Business School at UQ. 


What is your current position and which tasks do the position involve? 

I am a Research Fellow at UQ, which basically means I only do research. I work with a group of researchers, and together we interview people, write industry reports, academic reports, and organize events to disseminate our research. I also attend industry events and academic conference to present our research. 


How did you get the job you have today? 

I got this job through a recommendation from another JIBS Alumnus. She also did her PhD at JIBS and is now working at UQ and she recommended me for this position. 


What motivates you to perform at work? 

I simply love what I do. I can’t believe that I get to go to work and learn more every day. I get to interact with very interesting people, both from the industry and academia, and it is so motivating and inspiring. And on top of that, we also work to make a difference. The project I am involved in now is contributing to policy implications in Australia. It is incredibly satisfying to influence the polices here and hopefully help people who want to start a company in the future.


What is your next career goal?

After this position, my goal is to get a permanent position in academia that also includes teaching, as that is something that I enjoy. This is the first step towards my ultimate goal, which is to become a Professor.


Which career advice would you like to share with JIBS alumni members? 

To be open for new possibilities. I had no idea that this is where I would end up career-wise, but I am very content with where my education took me. Also, make use of this great network. I perhaps wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for a former JIBS colleague. So, help each other and support the members in this community. I hope that I can pay this back one day. 


Can you name on great thing you remember from your studies at JIBS?

The culture. I just loved the mix of nationalities and all the interesting people that I met during my studies.


In short: UQ Business School, Brisbane, Australia

The University of Queensland Business School is independently ranked as one of the top business schools in Australia and among the leading institutions worldwide. There are seven areas of research expertise across UQ Business School: Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing, Strategy and Tourism. Based in Brisbane, it brings together over 130 subject experts with over 8,000 students and offers a wide range of degree programs and Executive Education. 


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